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Getting into the Cannabis Industry

Getting into the Cannabis Industry

Getting into the Cannabis Industry

So, I like many others before me, and sure to be many after, am getting into the cannabis industry.

Exciting times…I’m a long time smoker, but have never grown or researched the topic.

I created a website, because I’m very interested in the topic, and that’s where I got stuck.

Where do you start?  What do you do?  What can you do?  Is it legal? Just some of the very many important questions that need to be answered.

On my website, I can blog, and I can add affiliate marketing products, then I can market the website and the affiliate products, to slowly build a following and earn some commissions…this however is a slow process and only one of the ways of getting into the cannabis industry.

And so began my start into researching Cannabis…”With Knowledge, comes Power!”, the old saying goes, and from my experience in various Sales positions in my career, I can tell you that the better you know your product, the easier it is to sell your product.

And the internet is just full of knowledge, the only problem is, that Cannabis is such a diverse topic, and there is so much to know and learn.  And then those out there that have already created the content in terms of cannabis, have done so from their view point or with their situation in mind or even just to sell their products.  The content available is just so overwhelming, that I decided the best way to learn, is through hands-on experience, and then learn via the internet as my own plants grow.

I took some “Packet Seeds”.  This is where my website gets interesting.  What are “Packet Seeds”?  Well I’m going to have to create a space on the website where you can look up the meaning of certain cannabis industry terminology, and “Packet Seeds” seems to be the 1st.  When you smoke cannabis, you grind the cannabis before rolling it into a “Joint” (hey, and there’s a 2nd term that will need defining) or other means of consumption.  Once you have ground the cannabis, many times you find cannabis seeds.  Many smokers, like I, will then put those seeds in a packet, but not label the packet.  In time you have a packet of cannabis seeds, but you don’t know what strains (this is a very important 3rd term which I will discuss in length at a later stage, just take note, that there are over 5 000 strains of Cannabis) the seeds are.  Furthermore, you don’t know whether these seeds will germinate and grow or whether they will produce male or female plants.  Sort of like a “Lucky Packet”. 

MainBack to the topic on hand… I took some “Packet Seeds”.  And planted them outside in a long planter/pot, not knowing what I was doing.  At the same time I planted a few “Packet Seeds” in our garden.  Of those in the pot, 8 plants started growing (I had planted 16 – only a 50% success rate) and of those in the garden, 1 plant started growing (I only planted 3, we have a rock garden – only a 33% success rate).  A few weeks down the line, and I go check on these little plants (they were not more than 10cm in height), and I find all the plants in the pot have been burnt to a crisp.  Whether from the wind, the heat of the sun or the reflected heat of the sun against the building I had placed the pot, I don’t know.  This was from 1 day to the next.  Very sad.  The single plant in the garden has continued growing beautifully ever since and never suffered any damage.  However I spent 2 weeks nurturing the burnt plants and was able to revive 7 of them, after which I then transplanted them into the garden.





SmallsThen I learnt, that as a cannabis grower, you actually are only after the female plants and not the males.  Research again (the images online didn’t give me great insight into how to differentiate), and I had to get an experienced grower friend to come show me how to tell the males & females apart.

Guess what? … I had to pull out another 3 plants, because they were male…That really hurt…

So, what did I learn? 

Well 1st of all in South Africa, the best time to plant for outdoor growing is September, and the plants need a full 9 months before you can harvest in the middle of winter in June of the following year.  Only allowing a single harvest per 12 month period.

2nd Cannabis plants are very temperamental.

3rd was how to differentiate male & female plants.

4th is the fact that I need more knowledge.

I am still getting into the Cannabis Industry, it’s just going to take a little longer than I expected.





Through the above exercise I have learnt what I do want to do, and how I want to do it: 

I am going to grow high quality cannabis from seeds/clones (there is another of those terms)

through the vegging stage (and another) and into the flowering stage of the cannabis plant.  I

will then harvest, dry & cure the cannabis, before I start cooking out the oil, packaging it and

marketing the cannabis oil online.  And to do so, I will setup an indoor grow room or 2, maybe

even 3 or 4…haha…a little bit over eager, I think, but let’s start small and then scale up.  During

the summer months, I will supplement the indoor growing, with many outdoor plants as well.

Getting into the Cannabis Industry has been daunting so far, but I am learning and I am making mistakes, but learning from those.

In time, you will hopefully find the help and assistance that you need to get into the Cannabis Industry from this website.

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