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Setting up a Cannabis Grow Room has been a very daunting task. It required much Research, Planning & a lot of Hard Work.

Because I was able to find everything that I needed to know and how to do or make what was needed, I doubt that I will be repeating many how to manuals on my website, i.e. I’m not going to rewrite a grow manual, because there are already so many out there.

Here are just a few of the how to’s that you may need to research to setup your own cannabis grow room: (Google & YouTube are my friends in this…)

  • How to setup a cannabis grow room
  • How to cannabis electrician
  • How to cannabis hydroponics
  • How to cannabis soil / grow mediums
  • How to cannabis pots
  • How to cannabis lighting
  • How to cannabis ventilation
  • How to cannabis propogation
  • How to cannabis grow
  • How to cannabis male / female
  • How to cannabis cloning
  • How to cannabis harvest
  • How to cannabis drying
  • How to make cheap easy drying boxes
  • How to cannabis curing
  • How to cannabis nutrition
  • How to cannabis dangers
  • How to cannabis legislation
  • How to cannabis storage

All that being said, let’s have a look what has taken me 2 months in my free-time and approximately R7 500 ($500)

First I had to identify a grow space:



The Wendy House in the garden seemed to be suitable for this purpose.  Dimensions are unfortunately only 2.4m x 3.4m with a 2m height, and had no electricity or insulation, not to mention, that it was filled with tools, equipment and other stored materials:




As you can see, I had my work set out for myself, just with finding an alternative space to store and then move everything you can see here.  Luckily enough, I’ve never been scared of hard work:


So with everything moved out and relocated to another space on our property.   The next thing to attend to was the insulation, which you will notice in the above images already started with chopped sponge squeezed into the corrugated roof sheet metal and then extended to filling all areas with cardboard bricks, cut and taped and staple gunned into position.

Some intake air holes drilled, completed with PVC pipe & elbows, covered on the outside with tissue and elastic (against bugs and pests), which has already been upgraded to stocking with cable ties.

Seasoned growers are wanting to help get you growing - learn how to grow marijuana indoors.Painted walls and floor white.  Also starting to get wood together here, to start building lightboxes and tables.

Oh, Wow, a few steps/photo opportunities skipped.  Quite a lot happened here:  Added a ceiling;  Completed lightboxes with pulley systems in place;  ran electricity to the room.

Built some more tables and added more cardboard box insulation in the ceiling.

Bought and installed an extractor fan.  Also purchased a small fan, heater & humidifier.

And Ta-Da, my Cannabis Grow Room is complete…it will never be complete, there are always things to improve…

So now I have 4 grow areas, starting with clones & seedlings (in these nifty semi-see-through plastic shoeboxes which I am using for propogation & germination), moving to an intermediate clone & seedling area (but the shoebox on the upright), moving onto small plants and then medium sized plants.

I will only be using my grow room for vegging purposes and once clones and seedlings are stable and strong, they will be moving outdoors for automated flowering due to light cycle change.

I hope that you enjoyed my Cannabis Grow Room conversion and if you have anything to add, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Good Luck with Your Growing!!!

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