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Giving Thanks

This is a very personal touch which i have given to my website.  It is not something I have seen on any other website that I have visited.

I would like to thank All the following companies and people for contributing towards my education, skills & training.  These may include people I went to school with;  studied with; worked with; they may be affiliate program companies or companies that I have worked with or for; this could be family members or high profile personalities whom I like, follow and/or admire.  Basically everybody who has contributed in some way into making me, me, and in turn what I can do because of them in terms of this website/blog.

So with no further delay,

I give my thanks to:

My Mom & Dad, without your love and support I would most definitely not be who I am today:  Proud, Successful, Honest, Hardworking, Diligent, Innovative, Loving, Clear of Conscience…Love you Guys

My Kids, for your patience and support through difficult times during and after the divorce, by pulling your weight and helping around the house and with chores, and your school work and sports, it’s been hectic…Love you Guys


Daisy & Tom Toy Store, Chelsea, London CLOSED
Daisy & Tom Toy Store, Chelsea, London, CLOSED


Marlbororough Arms
Marlbororough Arms, Chelsea, London, CLOSED

Felicite Private Island – Seychelles

The Palace of the Lost City – Sun City, RSA

The Michelangelo Hotel – Sandton, RSA

Fancourt – George, RSA

The Dros

The Victoria Junction Hotel – Cape Town, RSA





Rosebank Hotel, Rosebank, Johannesburg, CLOSED

Tony’s Spaghetti









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