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Welcome to 420 Blog SA

Welcome to 420 Blog SA

Hi There

A Warm Welcome to All visitors to my Blog site.

This is a new website (Started May 2018), and I am really excited about this.

As you may have read in my About Me, I am a Successful Online Entrepreneur, I have been eagerly anticipating getting started on this new project, as I felt, that I had to make a financial success of all my previous & existing projects before I could start a website/blog/business that fit my “Niche”, my Passion, my Knowledge, that would be Own to Me.

As I have several other projects that I work on at the same time, I will be growing my website & blog at a Patient rate, and I recommend that you Like and follow my Social feeds to keep up to date with my latest Blog Posts, and any other crazy stuff that you might find here at 420 Blog SA.

That being said, what can you expect from me at 420 Blog SA?

In time I will be featuring anything & everything that is related to:

  • Medical & Recreational Cannabis
    • Growing
    • Extracting
    • Paraphernalia (Bongs, pipes, hubblies, etc.)
    • Medical Uses & Research
    • Recipes
    • People
    • Law
  • Earning Money / Building your Own Business / How to become Financially Free, All Online
  • Learning Online
  • Future & Innovation
  • Extreme Sports (Surfing & Kitesurfing)
  • And Many More Exciting & Relevant Topics

I earn my income from the sales of other people & company’s products (This is called Affiliate Marketing), and as such you will find a Shopping section which will feature products that I am reviewing, as well as adverts throughout my website for items that can assist you.  

Please Enjoy Your visit to 420 Blog, as I look forward to Educating & Entertaining All my Visitors on a Regular Basis.

And should you have any questions, queries, suggestions, criticism, or just like to chat, feel free to drop me an email at anytime.

Have An Awesome 420 Day!!!

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